Hip Roof vs Gable Roof

When building or retrofitting your home, it always comes down to hip roof vs gable roof; here we’re going to go through all the finer points and downsides of each, and how you can choose the right one for your home and your aesthetics. While a roof might be one of the last things we think about with a happy, healthy home, the right roof makes the difference for your house!


Are Hips Really Better than Gables in Hurricane Zones?

Hips are said to meet the new hurricane standards in coastal areas, but a braced gable roof can do just as well as any hip roof on the market. If you’re living in a hurricane zone, you may want to even mix and match hips and gables, but gable roofs will work just fine if not better when they’re braced. There are always also flat roofs, but again they’re not as load bearing and don’t really fit the need.


Are Hips Stronger than Gables?

One of the most common hip roof vs gable roof arguments is that hip roofs are inherently stronger than gables, but it really depends on when the gable roof was built! If it was built after 2002, you won’t have to worry about how much weight the roof will bear (snow, wind and rain for example). If your gable roof is older than 2002, you will want to consider replacing your roof, or at least retrofitting it. Gable roofs are an elegant choice; it’s suitable for just about everything except for homes in windy areas, where you may want to consider bracing your gable roof to get a beautiful look that’s also functional.

Depending on what building inspector you have look at your home, you’ll hear a lot about it being unsafe to have a gable roof; but like we talked about earlier, as long as it’s retrofitted you’ll have zero problems


Why Does Pitch Matter?

In the hip roof vs gable roof debate, pitch comes up a lot. “How can rain roll off without damaging the structure?” or “But what about wind?!” You can still have a beautiful Gable roof, you just have to watch out for the elements. Wind and rain can force themselves up under the tiles, destroying your roof and costing you a fortune when the elements get inside your home. If you live in a windy or rainy area (coasts and Tornado Alley, for example), you’ll want to make sure your home has a braced gable roof. If it’s an older home, you don’t need to rip out the roof to make sure it’s secure! Just retrofit the roof!

So in the hip roof vs gable roof argument, where does your home fall? The beautiful gables or the more complex hip roofs that adore modern homes; you don’t have to compromise on simple elegance to get the classic look, when you can have all the security with bracing and the beauty of a classic roof!

***Doing your own roofing work or projects is dangerous and not advised or suggested by this site.  Hire a certified professional to correctly analyze and complete any roofing work or projects.